The MSA Difference

Multi Span Australia is a rare design and construct company embracing projects from the planning and approvals phase all the way through to completion and maintenance. We are unique in that our team of leading professionals and technical experts operate together under just one roof, ensure seamless communication and execution of every project we take on.

With a highly skilled, motivated and passionate team of architects, engineers, construction and project managers operating collaboratively and in unison, we deliver a high performance service and one point of contact from concept to completion. Our projects are consistent with our client’s desires working within budget and other constraints.

What this means in real terms is that you have quality, consistency and fast-tracked delivery throughout the design, approval and construction process. The unique nature of our internal services delivers our clients a turnkey design and construction integration.

It is our philosophy that when we take on a project from beginning to end, and we physically have to make it happen, we will work harder and smarter at every stage.
At the same time our method gives our clients the ability to approach their project knowing they will be dealing with just Multi Span Australia, from start to finish. This streamlines the entire project and gives the client control and peace of mind that you are in safe, efficient and capable hands.

Ultimately, your project will have our undivided attention and access to some of the most innovative minds and cutting edge technology available in this industry today.

We incorporate Virtual Building Information modeling from concept design into costing and utilisation on the construction site. We innovate information handling to make the virtual design to construction journey smarter, clearer and better.