Multi Span Australia embraces innovation through technology in all aspects of the business. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) has been tailor made to suit the unique operational requirements of our multi-disciplinary company. The IMS is the back bone of our operation and being cloud based enables remote access from any destination and device, either in the office, out onsite and from the home.

We utilise the latest Building Information Modelling and collaborative software, allowing our creative and technical design process to be transparent and accountable throughout the planning, costing and construction phases of the development. 3D building modelling is core to our development and delivery of the design process to all parties involved.

With our in house multi-disciplinary service, each professional under our roof brings a vast knowledge base to each project, aiding in delivering a more efficient design and construction process, saving both time and money.

Whether it is scanning existing buildings and structures for proposed modifications, drone technology for typography mapping and land imagery gathering, 3d modelling and building simulations, Multi Span Australia’s developed yet adaptable systems suit the ever changing built environment and project needs.